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Alex reveals that he gave up driving and alcohol after his DUI incident

Alex sincerely apologized for his DUI incident from July. On a recent episode of ‘Radio Star‘, the MCs asked him about the incident. He had an alcohol level of 0.134%, which made him lose his license. To repent, he stayed away from the entertainment scene for 3 months. He answered, “I gave up driving and alcohol. I repented a lot. Even now when I start broadcast again, I’m worried about that incident. When I went to attend classes about drunk driving, I realized the education they gave was a lot better than I expected.” He continued, “I am very sorry. I hope people can look at me and learn not to drink and drive. The classes show the difference in human reflexes according to your alcohol level, and it displays how dangerous it really is. I’m learning a lot from it.“

Clazziquai’s Alex is a gentleman to everyone but Horan

Alex has been known for his unbeatable manner towards woman since his ‘We Got Married‘ days, but he revealed that the only woman he isn’t a gentleman to is fellow Clazziquai member Horan. On the March 27th broadcast of MBC‘s ‘Radio Star‘, Horan complimented Alex on his famous manners, sharing, “When we sing with a wired microphone, he gathers the cord and wraps it,” revealing his thoughtfulness. However, Alex surprised viewers by sharing that the only woman he doesn’t show manners to is Horan. He explained, “The moment I stopped acting like that with Horan was when Horan was wearing a skirt and looked uncomfortable, and I covered her with my jacket. I thought that those kind of actions would make us look suspicious. At the start of our debut, there were rumors that we were living together.” On the same episode, Alex also apologized for drinking and driving following his DUI accident.

Clazziquai’s Horan gets married!

Clazziquai‘s Horan (34) has tied the knot! Horan held her wedding ceremony at the Renaissance Hotel located in Gangnam on the 30th. Horan and her fiancé, who first started dating in college, reunited after eleven years of separation, and they’ve now tied the knot as husband and wife. Her fellow Clazziquai member Alex, Kim Jang Hoon, Danny Jung, Daybreak, and Kim Chang Wan also sang their congratulations at her wedding. The newlywed couple’s honeymoon will be postponed until August due to Clazziquai’s promotional activities with “Love Recipe“.

Clazziquai’s Alex, Kim Jang Hoon, and more to perform at Horan’s wedding

Clazziquai‘s Horan is getting married today! Horan will be marrying her fiancé on March 30th at 6PM KST at the Renaissance Hotel located in Gangnam. Her reception will be private, but she will be holding a press conference before the wedding to express her thoughts on her wedding. On another note, her fellow Clazziquai member Alex will be singing at her wedding. Kim Jang Hoon, Danny Jung, Daybreak, and singer and actor Kim Chang Wan will also sing their congratulations at her wedding. Horan and her fiancé, who first started dating in college, reunited after eleven years of separation, and they’re now tying the knot as husband and wife. Congratulations to Horan and her soon-to-be husband!


Alex performing Kim Min Jong’s I Only Feel You on Immortal Song 2.

(Source: youtube.com)

Clazziquai Project : Blessed, on koreanindie

It’s been a few years since Clazziquai Project released a full-length. Members went and explored individual music and finally came back for the 2013 release. The singles that released in front of the official album didn’t interest me as much as older music and I was curious to know what the album would sound like. It’s possible the music videos didn’t convey what the audio was presenting.

Blessed is a good album that uses the vocal abilities of Alex and Horan very well though the duo still seem to only use one style of singing on most of the songs. The beats created by DJ Clazzi are very similar to his solo work while mixing the recognized style of Clazziquai Project into these new songs.

After hearing the solo work of Horan and Alex, it does feel like they are underutilized on some songs with the repeating lyrics. Blessed does present a more mature sound rather than straight forward dance pop. It speaks to old and new fans of the group.

Blessed may not be the return that most people were expecting, but the trio have created an album that speaks for them currently in 2012-2013 rather than the music created before. It’s also kind of plain to see that the three are growing into separate directions in their music. As Clazziquai Project is primarily DJ Clazzi, the trio can always come together to make new music in the future after exploring their personal interests.


[LQ] Clazziquai Project - Love Recipe @ Inkigayo 02.10.13

(Source: youtube.com)


Clazziquai Project - Love Recipe @ Yoon Do Hyun’s MUST 02.02.13

(Source: youtube.com)


Clazziquai Project - Romeo N Juliet @ Yoon Do Hyun’s MUST 02.02.13

(Source: youtube.com)