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Alex and Lee Suk Hoon to be MCs for new program, ‘King of Composers’

Singers Alex and SG Wannabe member Lee Suk Hoon have been selected as the MCs for a new show.

Alex and Lee Suk Hoon will be emceeing along side each other for MBC‘s ’Be My Singer – King of Composers.’
‘King of Composers’ will be a new music program that links composers and singers together, and it will especially look to helping new composers gets their songs to current star singers.

Alex and Lee Suk Hoon will also bring their knowledge and experience they have gained as experienced singers as they listen to the songs of the composers and discuss their thoughts and offer advice to help bring the music alive.

Other top stars are already lined up for the show including musicians from various genres like girl group Girl’s Day, vocalist Park Ki Young, hip hop duo Mighty Mouth, and more. The first episode will air June 2nd at 11:00 am KST.

Source: Sports Seoul via Nate News