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small o - Carnival, live at EBS Space 공감

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agirlwhowrites sent: I love Clazziquai project so much! I'm going to South Korea in august and I'll be there until late december, please tell me they'll give a convert around second half of the year! Thanx!!!

Hey!  The only concert dates I know of for Clazziquai are one date this month, one next and two in June.  Now, that’s not to say that things won’t change and that they’ll add more dates. 

I would keep track on this page which shows some of the upcoming and past shows (where the small icons of concert posters are).  Also here or here.  Hopefully that helps and I hope you have fun in ROK!

(Source: newsen.com)

(Source: newsen.com)

(Source: newsen.com)

Good morning everyone.

If you guys ever find articles, videos, photos, etc of Fluxus artists, please feel free to shoot us an ask or submit.  All the support is appreciated :)

Urban Zakapa & Clazziquai Project rank 5th and 6th on Germany’s K-Pop Ranking.
Credits to K-Pop Statistics Germanyhttps://www.facebook.com/kpopstatger
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Urban Zakapa & Clazziquai Project rank 5th and 6th on Germany’s K-Pop Ranking.

Credits to K-Pop Statistics Germany


Kim Jin Pyo feat Jo Hyuna - You & Me MV

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Alex reveals that he gave up driving and alcohol after his DUI incident

Alex sincerely apologized for his DUI incident from July. On a recent episode of ‘Radio Star‘, the MCs asked him about the incident. He had an alcohol level of 0.134%, which made him lose his license. To repent, he stayed away from the entertainment scene for 3 months. He answered, “I gave up driving and alcohol. I repented a lot. Even now when I start broadcast again, I’m worried about that incident. When I went to attend classes about drunk driving, I realized the education they gave was a lot better than I expected.” He continued, “I am very sorry. I hope people can look at me and learn not to drink and drive. The classes show the difference in human reflexes according to your alcohol level, and it displays how dangerous it really is. I’m learning a lot from it.“

Lee Hyori and Horan to lend their voices for a compilation album

Lee Hyori and Clazziquai‘s Horan will be lending their voices for an album that will be created to raise awareness and lift the spirits of the surviving ‘comfort women’, who are women who were kidnapped and forced into prostitution during Japanese occupation. The female singers will participate in the compilation album entitled, ‘Please Share Your Story-Her Second Story‘ to encourage and lift the spirits of those who have had to live on with painful memories in the past. In addition to Lee Hyori and Horan, Rasberry Field‘s So Yi, Huckleberry Finn‘s Lee So Young, Hawaii‘s Lee Ah Lib, composer Kim Yeon Soo‘s rock band JuckJuck Grunzie, and Lune have lent their voices for this album. The album representative stated, “The current known number of Japanese comfort women survivors is 58 in total and to raise awareness of this issue, an ongoing weekly rally held its 1066 rally on the 20th. With the participation of artists, the pain of the comfort women who were deprived of a normal life due to war and violence will be heard through this music. We will try to encourage the women of this generation as well and will be an album that shares stories together.” To raise funds for this project, a concert will be held at the KT&G Sangsangmadang in Seoul on April 5th at 7:30 PM KST and will feature performances by indie artists.